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Going against the grain is never easy, but we don't let that compromise our values (and neither should you).

Is it possible to maintain your outsider status while following the established rules for things like managing your I.T. systems or handling media outreach? We think so.

We’re here to help you follow best practices in information technology, comms, digital, and data systems while keeping your message and vision intact. Not only are we professionals with years of experience in these fields and working on campaigns, but we share your progressive ideals and value democracy.

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Rural Voters: What Republicans Don’t Want You To Know

In the 2022 midterm elections, Democrats achieved unprecedented success by breaking the Republican stronghold in rural districts. Contrary to popular belief, rural voters are not an impenetrable conservative bloc. Here are three crucial insights that Republicans don’t want you to know about rural voters, which helped Democrats secure victories across the nation.

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The 3 Data Types Every Winning Campaign Uses

Make no mistake – data is the lifeblood of a successful political campaign, and as candidates make informed decisions and develop effective strategies, it’s crucial to understand what types of data should take priority. Let’s dive into the three most important data sources that can give your campaign the edge it needs to succeed.

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